Sunday, 16 March 2014

Against West Brom away Moyes reverts to the same front six as against Palace. Carrick and Fellaini holding with Mata and Januzaj wide and Rooney behind Van Persie. And it kind of worked. Jones scored from a VP freekick. Rooney gets a far post header from a Raphael cross and Wellbeck comes on as sub for VP and gets a delightful finish after a fine passing move. VP was taken off after a booking and another foul that warranted a booking, but good that he shows battling spirit. So a bit of stability pays off – quelle surprise.

A little more optimism then before the home game against the scousers who are the in form team. Hard to be anything but apprehensive though after previous false dawns, particularly as Suarez and Sturridge are likely to tear our defence apart and the holes in our midfield will be exposed no doubt.

And so it happened. Not that the scousers were that good but we gave away 3 stupid penalties. To be honest there were some good bits but it was too easy for Liverpool. We stood off in midfield and kept 2 wingers wide so we gave them the whole of midfield. A good team would have scored 6 against us. They pressed their fullbacks up wide so they could load up in midfield and such a simple tactic was enough to foil us. Every game this happens and we get away with it sometimes against crap but any decent side these days plays a pressing game in central midfield which destroys us. How the hell can’t Moyes see this. Fellaini was pathetic and can’t trap a ball whilst Carrick does his sitting back so he can throw like a quarterback rotuine. The forwards don’t have a chance as they’re isolated and rarely see the ball although Rooney at least has some spirit. In fact when we went 3 down only Rooney and Raphael showed any appetite for the fight, Raphael was great but looses his head too easily. Anyway this game followed the same pattern as for the last few months. Can’t see how it’s going to change. Question will be – do we give Moyes money to spend in summer or replace him with someone more proven? Readers of this account will know my opinion.

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